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Siofra is born

Ardent owl

Fear if intimacy. “Real passion, like a wild fire, goes stronger, taller, deeper, burning with the airing of time. Like the one of an owl, one of the few animals that live with just one partner all his life.” JM

Water Mirror
Carrier Pigeon

Fear of death. "Like a pigeon carrying a message from town to town, your message of life will be passed on from people to people, that is how you stay alive." JM

Do I remember

Journey to your own past and inner self.

Windful Willow

Fear to loose freedom. "Like a strong Willow tree that is deeply rooted but with a light leaves full of wind, strong roots and a flexible mind, it´s what will make you truly free." JM

Winter Bear

Fear of being alone. "Like a winter bear, time to time the mind and soul has to hibernate to recover and find itself." JM

Silent Finch

Fear of public rejection. "If you are true to yourself you will detonate deep change in others, like the finch that Darwin saw that sparked the theory of evolution." JM


Fear of rejection. "Rejection is the mirror of acceptance, and acceptance is the path to growth. So as a Dung beetle, turn other people´s shit into something beautiful, something that makes you the strongest animal on earth." JM

Paris Wind
White Ladybird

Fear of getting old. "Like a beautiful pure white color in a ladybird, there will be beautiful things that will bloom only with time." JM

The Gift of Madame de Pâques


story by: Javier Macias

illustrations by: Adriana Campos


British-Occupied Ireland. Early years of the 20th century.

The life story of Síofra,  a girl with a heart as wide as the ocean who metamorphosed into an artistic, obliging Madam. 

Síofra has been blessed with a very particular gift: the ability to see people's deepest fears incarnated in fascinating and beautiful creatures. 

Through one War of Independence, two World Wars and the rebellious decade of the 1960's, Síofra will help hundreds of people "resurrect in life” by using her artistic talents and people’s own honest tears as water base to depicts those fears in magnificent watercolour paintings.

By doing that, people will finally be able to confront, understand and embrace their fears.

To see more of these project and listen to the music visit:

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